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We are not your average dog grooming group. We are a group of people that value happiness… which means clean dogs, raving customer, staff not overworked and much, much more. We are looking for groomers that wants to be a part of team that strives for happiness everyday, values their individual roles, and prides themselves in quality work. Our brand purpose is create more happiness for groomers, dogs, clients and office.

Details of Both Full Time and Part Time Positions:

Full Time Position
Pay: $100,000 per Year
Hours: 40 Hours a Week
Benefits: Health and Retirement
Location: Mobile Spa’s in South Orange County

Part Time Position
Pay: $15 – $40 Per Hour
Hours: 15 – 30 Hours a Week
Location: Mobile Spa’s in South Orange County

If happiness is something you value… consider applying at:  . Also, feel free to call anytime at 949-860-7337

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