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We are mourning the passing of a great dog. We had the pleasure of working with Sugar multiple times and are grateful for our time with her. Kim, one of our most requested groomers, who worked with Sugar last is very sad for the loss as well. Kim treats all her dogs as if they were her own – which is why Mrs. B and so many people request Kim to work with their dogs. Of all the parties involved in the passing of a beloved pet, we know the owner grieves the most. Our thoughts and prayers are with Mrs B during this time.

As the vet report showed, after 15 great years of living, Sugar suffered from a disease known as: thoracolumbar intervertebral disc disease. We know these big words in no way ease the pain Sugar’s loved ones are going through. We do hope they shed light on the cause of the event. There is no reason Ms. B should be charged for this appointment. The minute we heard of the passing of Sugar we took action to refund the charge back to her card. We have been working diligently with Mrs. B and the Vet office through this event. 

We are with Mrs. B in support of the campaign to get the grooming industry more regulated. We believe whole heartedly there needs to be more regulation to ensure the safety of these precious pets.  We as a business have setup strict procedures ensuring the safety of every pet we handle.  These types of procedures should be something regulated from a state or national level to ensure all pets are handled with care. We have signed and encourage many more of your to sign Mrs. B's petition at https://change.org/Sugars_law

Our Happy Spa Dogs Mobile Grooming family wants to help celebrate Sugar’s life. Anytime anyone calls or texts us and mentions #donateforsugar, we will make a donation to the Laguna Beach Animal Shelter. It is our hope this will aid other dogs in living long and healthy lives. Let’s have everyone as a community spread the word and get #donateforsugar in front of as many people as possible.


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